App Development

iOS and Android Apps

We take a different approach than most App development agencies. We don’t complicate things. We focus on your goals and provide a talented developer to help you reach them.

Why choose us?

We want your project to be an insightful and successful experience.

We have a simplified branding and App design process in place that is successful and this continues to improve. Our focus is to make sure that we are doing the best for your customer’s experience.

Your new app will be a groundbreaker in design, usability and innovation.

We guide and support our clients through the branding, design and development process.

We also have an understanding of what it takes to be successful in terms of your strategy and marketing launch.

Our team of talented developers knows what it takes to bring you the best solutions for your business. We pride ourselves on providing the best experience, designs and results.

Our team has over 15 years experience in a wide variety of skill sets related to App design and development as well as Digital Marketing.

We focus on developing Apps which speak clearly to you, your customers and back up the image of your brand.

This is a holistic approach not just a quick fix based on your needs. We take into account your competitive environment and providing a unique offering to the market.

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Typical Jobs We Complete

Converting an existing Website into an App for small business owners and entrepreneurs
Designing and Developing an App based on an existing App with a point of difference
Extensive app testing to ensure the user experience is perfected
Designing and Developing an App based on a completely new idea
Rebuilding Apps for Developers who need to keep them up to date and relevant for their customers
Publishing to iOS and Android App stores on your behalf

iOS and Android Apps Offer The Fastest, Most Reliable & Responsive Experience to Users

Push Notifications

As a Developer and Publisher we can make use of push-notifications, alerting users every time a new piece of content is published or when their attention is required. This is a key method of engagement. As a Publisher, you get the opportunity to continually bring your audience back for more! Every day, your app users will instantly receive your notifications, giving you a higher opportunity of closing a sale.

Ease Of Use

Let your customers discover you right from the palm of their hands. Having a mobile app makes it easier for your customers to find you, and also makes you stand out as the better option compared to competitors without a mobile app.

Convert Your Website

Looking for something reasonable? We can convert your existing website into a mobile app, ready to be published to the app stores. See our pricing below!

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Looking for a custom built, more complex app?